• "Raffaele Bellafronte, an Italian composer coming from Abruzzi, is one of those composers whose style settlement is very hard to define: in fact his writing comes from and it’s made of a fervid inspiration that lets go on various and uncommon suggestions, always finding a convincing and very fascinating plot…"

    GUITART - Piero Viti
  • "A wide view on the chamber music most recently written by Raffaele Bellafronte a composer coming from Abruzzi – Italy, one of the most interesting figure in today’s Italian music scenario…
    As regards music we can only say that in the wide context of this record they surely represent an important step in the artistic career of the composer, confirming his eclecticism and expression."

    GUITART - Piero Viti
  • "... The limpid tone of the flute had chanting eneffect and it continuedto be so in Bellafronte's Le lardin au fond de la mer. A most evocative piece where discending notes estabilish a magical mood of serenity, at times the idyll being broken fluttering notes providing a sharp contrast that made for a true garden of delight."

  • "...The impetuous chorus entrance in the phraseology of the orchestra seems to be a protesting voice towards the sacrifice to be fulfilled, but when the singing mitigates its painful vehemence and lets the instrumental comment start; the drama ends with resignation to the unchangeable project of God."

    LA NOTIZIA - R. Artese
  • "... Musica impegnata. Grotteschi e dissacratori invece i passi di danza del 1997 destinati al quartetto di chitarre, come il tempo di valzer e quello del fox-trot. Un vero team di musicisti si spartiscono gli allori dell'esecuzione...... Refined music. On the other side the dance steps for the guitar quartet / 1997 are grotesque and desecrating just like the rhythm of waltz and fox - trot. A real team of musicians going on with the best execution…"

    SEICORDE - E. Caneva
  • "... Aliantes : perfect illusion, expansive sound construction, in which the notes of the oboe fly and it seems to become a melancholic spectator walking on the rhythmic path, more and more obsessive in its counterpoint…"

    MUSICA e SCUOLA - C. Muzii
  • "... R. Bellafronte's suggestive score expressing an intense and dramatic atmosphere referring to the passion of Jesus Christ, through the delicate strings which introduce growing successions, moments of vibration, perceiving the anxious human recall just like the one of Jesus invoking his Father …."

    ABRUZZO NEL MONDO - G. Catania
  • "... His quintet "For Five" (monthly score nomination) is a brilliant example of Bellafronte's intellectual line. Built as a classic concert score in 3 movements, it goes on setting a special connection among the soloist guitar and the 4 strings.
    The polyrhythmic structure creates a suggesting surface on which the melodie join. The masterly distribution of vibrating moments, joining the extended ones, let you perceive an interesting and satisfying mixture of sounds…."

    SEICORDE - F. Cavallone
  • "... In Liaisons R. Bellafronte mixes various atmospheres in a special way, playing with humour and setting a game basing on refraction, kept alive through a uniform and measured language; floating among rhythmic jazz models and tonal links rupture which lets one catch glimmers and well definable main notes."

    I FIATI - E. Speranza
  • "... This technique was best seen in his performance of the unaccompanied piese, Le jardin au fond de la mer by R. Bellafronte, a contemporary composer. In spite of its modern idiom this work does not make exessive demands upon the aural faculties of the audience. While making full use of the whole register of the instrument it avoids those excessive intervals in which so many contemporary composers indulge; The work was full of atmosphere which a particolary rich range of dynamics endingin a most beautifully eloquent sustained pianissimo note..."

    THE THIMES - C. Xuereb
  • ""Hypnos" multi-faceted and rich piece composed by R. Bellafronte. He uses an individual language, flowing naturally among tonal (or rather post-tonal) glimmers and biting aggregations for 2nd ,4th and 5th."

    SUONARE NEWS - G. Gioanola
  • "... Bellafronte follows an individual course, showing continual evolution and total openness in comparison with "what has already been said"; so that everything melts for a new fusion, through a cultural and ironic clear-headed way."

    MUSICA E SCUOLA - C. Muzii
  • "... Raffaele Bellafronte is an expansive compositor able to fuse tonal propension and obstinate paroxysm, without falling into minimalism; he.also shows density of expression made of harmonic hardness."

    I FIATI - E. Speranza
  • "... We are captured by such a refined instrumental writing, by the delicate use of strings creating silvery atmospheres with which the soloist meditates, talks animatedly and creates enchanted instants."

    MUSICALIA - A. Annunziata
  • "... An Italian young musician's expressive world, not placeable in the general post modern category.
    ... Bellafronte's music seems to be far from showing avant-gardiste extremism ….or preconceived choices of field.
    The tracts of this style are so singular, euphonic and decorative, free and expansive and become able to define an harmonious personality, recognisable crossing the ten compositions collected in this CD."

    CD CLASSICA - G. Rossi
  • "... An end century young artist, showing some special talents through his eclectic and unpredictable language.
    ... His public seems to love and appreciate his music very much; this let us expect Bellafronte's return on the American stage.

    MUSICALIA - F. Izzo